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  • Contracted with "path" for tourism to provide services via the Internet
Contracted with "path" for tourism to provide services via the Internet

Contracted with "the path of tourism" to provide services over the internet where it was technical Achtaaroaala "for the design and implementation of the site."
Where classified as electronic tourist guide in the field of tourist services and offers, and has a wide range of doors and integrated tourism Malot about destinations that can be visited and offers tourist attraction.
The site also offers a service to answer all inquiries tourism, in addition to a variety of images of the most beautiful areas in the world and a huge collection of distinctive hotels

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Tech heights Models Available now

HEIGHTS AGENCY.. Always to be the leader of the new idea-art service and high quality .. Here we are now offering you the first service of its kind in the Middle East which is Heights tamplates .. A  new service that allows users of website templates to buy samples of many different logos and identities,  and website designs as well as  flash introductions ,  it also provides a site models of characters and spells, drawn and colored by hand, Now you can purchase any of these forms under several items and ways, like removing a product after the purchasing process directly, or multiple types of file formats form,the site also offers the possibility of cutting, installation and programming models through our company in the time and cost indices.

purchasing process through the website is available in two different ways ,which  helps the user to quickly take advantage of these models at the right time, first way, is a process through the Visa or MasterCard, or by  filling out an application form model this form will be sent through e-mail after collecting the form fees through one of the branches of the company.