Adding a New page in Tech Heights book of excellence Al Ouroba medical center is close to completion

Tech Heights has announced lately the launch of al ouroba medical center website within days according to the agreement between the two companies. ... More

Assuring Tech Heights’s experience in this field Al Mawardy for recruitment signs a new contract with Tech Heights

A new contract is been signed between al Mawardy for recruitment services and Tech heights for implementing its new website. ... More

"Vedatel" Telecom. Chooses Tech Heights to create a new website.

As a result of professionalism that adopted by Tech Heights, Tech heights has been chosen by "Vidatel" telecom to implements its new website, as it’s ... More

Deniz for gemstone chooses Tech Heights to implement its new website.

Tech Heights has been recently chosen by Deniz for gemstone for implementing its new website, ... More

After our rapid success in relevant projects Tech Heights puts the final touches on the designs of al worod medical center website

Tech Heights is currently puts the final touches on the new designs of El-worod Medical Center ... More

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