Better living through launching a new website Architecture and Planning College -University of Dammam launches its new website through internet

Dr Hany Ben Mohammed Ben Ali Alkahtany, the director of Architecture and Planning College -University of Dammam has recently declared the launching of his personal ... More

The bright side of a new creative website Tech Heights has lately implemented a new website for learning connect institute

Learning connect institute has recently launched its new website which was implemented by Tech heights. ... More

Girgas drugstore signs a new agreement with Tech Heights Company

A new agreement is recently signed between Girgas drugstore and Tech Heights regarding the implementation of Girgas’s website through internet. ... More

A new name in Tech Heights’ story of success "Al-Salama for engineering consultants" contracts with Tech Heights Company

A new contract was been signed lately between Al-salama for engineering consultants and Tech Heights ... More

A new star shines in Tech Heights’s sky

Tech Heights has recently completed a new website for MOMRA - Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs- which located in al beisha province. ... More

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