Tech Heights implements a new website for National Drug & Poison Information Center

Tech Heights has lately implemented a new website for the National Drug & Poison Information which is one of the Saudi Arabian food and drug ... More

Tech Heights begins work on Al -Tanafosya website

Tech Heights has lately announced that working on designing and implementing Al-Tnafosya’s (one of the projects of General Authority of Investment) website has begun ... More

Making the world a better place by the most specialized websites around Saudi Arabia

King Saud University has lately launched a new website for Obesity Research Center. The idea of building this website –that was creatively designed and implemented by ... More

Continuing excellence is what we do

Tech Height has recently implemented the internal network of the knowledge section of STC (Saudi telecom) website. The designs of the website won the admiration of ... More

After the completion of its new websiteThe Advanced Electronics Company commends the impressive performance of Tech Heights

The Advanced Electronics Company has commended the performance of Tech Heights in both technical and administrative sections confirming that the position occupied by the Tech ... More

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