Tech Heights provides a full range of  SMS and MMS services in real estate allowing both parties – the advertiser and the customer – to have beneficial relations while improving the communication process. In order to guarantee high-quality SMS and MMS services, our team of professionals is working for you having experience in commercial real estate, asset management, property management, project leasing and dispositions.

 Seeking to always be aligned with our client’s interests when managing non-performing assets, SMS’s focus is to maximize recovery of capital. Should our client obtain title to an REO asset we focus on maximizing the value of that asset. SMS is determines the highest and best use for the asset and oversees the management, leasing, redevelopment, repositioning, and disposition activities for the REO’s of our clients.

SMS Value and Mission:

-  Establish a management strategy, asset business plan and budget required to achieve maximum value potential during the model period.
- Execute the asset plan in conjunction with our clients and through management of any third parties.
- Establish benchmarks and then closely monitor market conditions to evaluate current exit strategies and identify alternatives.
-  Implement the disposition strategy once asset value has been optimized.