Web Site Design: What do you want to communicate?
Think about what you are trying to communicate. This is probably one of the most important parts of the design process. Do it right at the beginning and your web site will just come together by itself. Mess it up now, and you may find yourself making endless changes and fighting it for a long period of time. ... ... More

Web Site Design: Who Is Your Audience?
One of the first things that you need to decide, long before you begin your analysis, design and implementation, is who is your audience? With whom are you trying to communicate? You are obviously creating a web site for a reason, and hopefully you intended someone to view it. In fact, you should define your audience before you even get into any details about what ... ... More

The Power of Search Engine Marketing
Anyone selling online should consider search engine marketing (SEM) as a way of generating potential customers to their website. But what does this unique kind of marketing involve? In this article, I'll explain a few search engine basics... ... ... More

Content Articles, Keywords, and Web Page Design
You've probably heard all the hype about content articles and how you can use them to improve search engine ranking and get more traffic. There's only one problem - content articles will be of no benefit to you without proper keywording and web page design. Let's take a look at how all three areas - content articles, keywords, and design - can work together to ... ... More

Role of Meta Title Tag in SEO
Do you want to secure a top ranking in search engine result pages(SERP)? I think every one is going to answer - Yes. And a very common belief is that add lot of most searched keywords in the meta tags of your web pages and see your site skyrocketing. But it feels highly frustrating when this magic proves of no avail. Remember, meta tags alone ... ... More