Content Articles, Keywords, and Web Page Design

Content Articles, Keywords, and Web Page Design

You've probably heard all the hype about content articles and how you can use them to improve search engine ranking and get more traffic. There's only one problem... content articles will be of no benefit to you without proper keywording and web page design. Let's take a look at how all three areas - content articles, keywords, and design - can work together to explode your Web promotions.

Content Article Layout

When adding a content article to your website, be sure it is formatted correctly. The paragraphs should have a double return space in between so they won't run together. If the entire content article looks like one BIG connected paragraph, the reader is likely to skip it. This makes the article very difficult to read, and your readers are probably in a hurry when they arrive at your site.

Break up the content article into multiple short sections using sub-headings. Also, use the "Heading 1" tag for your main title. Use "Heading 2" tags for your subheadings Search engines often look for these tags to determine the main theme of a website and to seek out important keywords on a web page.** Recap: Be sure there are double returns between paragraphs and make headings stand out with bold print and with the "Heading" tags.

Formatting Your Content Article for Google Adsense, MSN Ads, or Yahoo! Ads

Content articles with contextual ads such as Google Adsense will likely not be the prettiest in design if you're going to earn money with Google Ads. These ads usually work best formatted within the article reading - not along the sides of your web page. Don't fret - just put the ads where they will get clicks! But be sure your content articles are still readable using the tips above.

Keywording for Content Articles

Keywording is another tricky area. Be sure to include targeted keywords throughout your content article, but not too much. You'll want the article to make sense and stay within good grammar rules while also attracting search engine traffic for that particular keyword. Also include related keywords within the article to give your page even more relevance and clarity in the search engines. Keywords should be chosen carefully. Be as specific as possible. General keywords are usually difficult to achieve a top position because so many other websites have them. Use specific keyword phrases in your article title and throughout your content article.

**Examples:- Use "website content writing" instead of "writing"- Use "bathroom home decor" instead of "home decor"- Use "insurance premium quotes" instead of "insurance"- Use "biking with the kids" instead of "biking"

Web Page Design for Content Articles

Your content article is the "meat" of your page, but the design plays a great role in how readers will perceive your article. Avoid lots of graphics, photos, videos, etc. on a web content page unless you are using these design features to complement the article. These items can distract your readers if you're not careful. Also, begin your content article below the logo. People generally look at logos, banners, or graphics, and will start reading below these images.

Avoid fancy stuff such as Flash animations where your reader is required to download something before they can read the article. Many will just click out and forget about you! If your website is designed in Flash, be sure you create some HTML versions of your content pages to make it easier for readers and search engines to find your articles.

Keywords in Your Design

Your main keywords for a particular content article should be sprinkled throughout your web page design. Use the keywords in the "Alt Text" of images or logos, within your linking text, and other areas of your design when possible. This enhances your chances at a good search engine position. Also, be sure to include them in your HTML Meta Tags when possible. Content articles should be easy to read for your visitors, keyword-rich, and creative in design without distracting the reader.

Reference: Candice Pardue,

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