Tech Heights signs a new implementation contract with Quranic charity associations

Tech heights has recently signed a new contract to implement a new website for ... More

Tech Heights takes a new project for Ryada investment Co.

Tech Heights is about to build a full services website for Riyada investment Co. so Riyada can present its services as well as real estate ... More

Tech Heights signs a new contract with Al_mashreq Mining company (Amco)

As part of AMCO’s development plan, AMCO has signed a new contract with Tech Heights to implement a new portal gate on the World ... More

Tech heights carries out an subsidiary website for king faisal air collage

Tech heights has recently implemented new subsidiary website for king faisal air collage contains a special intranet for graduation ceremonies ... More

Tech heights creates an intranet for ministry of finance over the national center's internal network

Ministry of finance chooses tech heights due to its efficient history and extraordinary role among ... More

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