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  • To encourage institutions and companies Saudi Arabia:: (Tech Heights) launched the initiative of «trade» Support e-commerce sites
To encourage institutions and companies Saudi Arabia:: (Tech Heights) launched the initiative of «trade» Support e-commerce sites

Launched the «Tech Heights» is a subsidiary of the Group of Upper Finally initiative «Trade» to encourage institutions and Saudi companies to create sites interested in electronic commerce on the Internet to publicize the activities of these companies, through their contribution by up to 40% for companies with less than one year old and up to 35% for the rest of the companies of the value of contracts signed with them. In a statement Director explained the initiative Ms. Sara Mohammed accuracy Specialist Solutions Web applications in Tech Heights: «that this new initiative comes from careful Tech Heights to support the competitiveness of companies and institutions Arabia recent origin and the transition to the era of business and electronic commerce to contribute to the development of all sectors and meet the the needs of businesses in various activities », describing them as» opportunity »for organizations that want to develop and grow its business. She Resolution: «that the initiative depends on establishing and developing websites of these institutions and companies across a package of technical solutions according to the latest software and systems connectivity and integration of global, as well as a number of technical designs distinctive, reflecting aesthetic artistic side of the site by a professional team and a specialist in understanding the requirements of e-commerce ». Emphasizing that «Tech Heights» contribute a percentage up to 40% of the value of the contracts with them to help the people of this generous country to earn the values added in the new competitive. In the same context shown Mohamed Quraini director in charge of programs of social responsibility in a : «The objectives of the initiative is to establish a set of standards that will contribute to efforts to promote the sites of trade that are developed on the Internet in the Kingdom and the creation of standards of quality in order to contribute raise the level and quality of electronic transactions in the Kingdom with an initial focus during this period, the Saudi establishment recent origin and that have not passed since the launch in the Saudi market more than a year ». Indicating that the Tech Heights seeking, through the initiative of «Business» to support members of the society and increase awareness of the merchant and the client and create an enabling environment to ensure the prosperity and growth of youth activities and young Saudi women. It will be recalled that the initiative «Trade» would last for three months from the date of inception note that Tech Heights has a good reputation in the Saudi market peer distinguish technical and professional in this area and attract a number of major companies active in a number of sectors of health, education, commercial, industrial and real estate and social development.

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