Web Design

Web Design

Tech Heights is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses with high-quality website design, Re-design and development to meet the latest website requirements. Our talented team of website designers and programmers will provide you with professional web design services at the competitive prices. Having a full in-house staff of website designers and developers, Tech Heights has full control of the project and scheduling of deliverables to meet or exceed your expectations in terms of delivery of your website.

Graphic Design, Flash, ASP.Net, JavaScript, Client & Server Side Scripting, XML, HTML and DHTML are just some of the tools in our arsenal. Our website developers provide dynamic website development using such tools as Microsoft Visual Studio.NET (ASP.NET), Scripting and JavaScript to make sure you have a solid online web presence.

Website Services:
         Web Design Tools:

* Dynamic Web Design
* Flash Web Design
* Flash Intro
* Re-Design Service
* Logo Design
* Content Managed Solutions
* E-Commerce
* Web Hosting

* Graphic Design
* Flash
* ASP.Net
* JavaScript
* Server Side Scripting

Tech Heights makes complete integration between the technical and artistic ingredients of the website applying the following initiatives to meet clients' requirements and expectations:
     1. Designing the website's pages by a talented team of designers who use the latest technology and design tools to create the best website design.
     2. Placing website ingredients in attractive way depending on the activities, services and information that is presented professionally on the website.
     3. Using the most modern techniques, programs and databases to develop websites in a way to meet website's goals, marketing and communication targets.
     4. Providing the suitable way to find a system to manage the website, renew content and design, and develop new pages without the need for new code lines.
    5. Providing useful tools and effective systems to support the communication with the website's visitors in the right way and gain the maximum benefits from it.
     6. Following up and upgrading website permanently in addition to providing website maintenance even after the website work completion and offering the developing consultation services at the different levels of website development.