Web development

Web development

An integrated team work in Tech Heights is working hard to provide the best web services and the most suitable and convenient ones to our customers through many ways, such as:

1. Providing web services that are suitable for the customers' need and budget, and which go together with his developing ambition, in addition to providing advanced technical services.
2. Providing training, maintenance and after-sale services.
3. Working on integrating those systems and connecting them with each other to achieve integrated web services for the customers.
4. Using the technical elements in the way that not only allows the customers to develop, but also to save more time and effort to achieve their goals.

Customized Programming / Database Design

Tech Heights provides sophisticated database design and programming that enables dynamic content generation and database integration using ASPX programming. By providing simple to use back end management areas, we empower you to manage your own content and edit information with the simple click of a button, so that you won't have to be held hostage by website development companies that can't make your needs high priority.

We have developed databases to run powerful applications like:

•    Shopping Carts
•    Content Management Systems
•    Complete Dynamic Data Driven websites
•    Real-estate websites
•    News Aggregation    
•    Online Payment Systems
•    Photo Galleries
•    Dynamic Event Calendars
•    Newsletter / Press Release Postings
•    Custom Scripting

This is just a small sampling of the custom database development we have done for some of our website design customers. Get started today with a free project estimate!